Collaborations and Commissions

Emma loves working with other artists and participating in collaborative projects, print exchanges, community art events /fundraisers and just-for-fun art swaps.

She also does personal art commissions, from hand painted skateboards to wacky pet portraits and even unique illustrations or prints.

destroy time.jpg

For inquiries or more info, pleaseemail Emma at


Top: Custom “Destroy Time” Skateboard, 2016, enamel on ply

Above: Custom “Homo Flash Sheet”, 2016, archival ink on cotton rag,  29x21cm

Below: Collaborative design and printmaking (lino cut and cyanotype) with NOIR Darkroom, 2016

Below: Detail from LINO INC giant lino plate, collaborative community project at Figment Festival Geelong, 2014


Below: Digital bout poster designs and logo designs crated for Geelong Roller Derby League, 2010-11

*Commissions that are for personal use may not be resold or reproduced without special permission from the artist.