Trashed Group Show At NOIR Darkroom

Trashed is a group exhibition at NOIR darkroom Gallery in Coburg, running from 20th September til October the 8th. Opening night is Friday 22nd of September.

The show is a multidisciplinary exploration of the theme “trashed”, Ruby’s work “Shit Fingers” discusses her view of process vs. product in her art practice.

Shit Fingers, 2017
Digital Print on 340gsm vinyl from 35mm negative.
90 x 51 cm

There’s a lot of focus on the archival quality of art but i feel like this point of view focuses on product rather than process. I sometimes feel this restricts my practice. The theme of the trashed show has let me investigate this ideology. Exploring disposability as a metaphor for advancing process, I set up a photo shoot using materials i found around my friend’s house. After developing the film I then digitally scanned the negative complete with dust and hairs. It was then printed onto vinyl giving the work a new texture and the stigma of now being a plastic object. Each part of the process changes the original idea which continues on a journey, including the way the work is displayed in the gallery space.
Products are disposable ideas are perpetual.

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