FernArtz Lid It! Exhibition

1501746491569-c216c3f3-7076-4048-9b15-b7fa4939f8fdRuby has a piece in Fernartz Lid it! exhibition opening 3 pm – 6 pm Sunday 20th August 2017.

Lid it! is an open entry group exhibition. Artworks to be created on recycled lids. It pays homage to the past while exploring the future. Lid it! reflects Melbourne’s famous ‘9 by 5′ exhibition held at Tom Roberts’s Studio in Melbourne, August 1889; many of the works were painted on recycled cigar lids.

Emma “Ruby” Armstrong-Porter
Portrait of The Barwon Club, 2017

Resin, aerosol and enamel paint on plastic lid

This portrait depicts the Barwon Club (a pub in Geelong) using motifs of “criminal tattoos” to tell the story of a typical night.
The narrative involves the barflies, the predatory characters looking for “love”, the booze, the brawls, the hangovers and the restrictive grasp of alcohol over the hotels patrons. The resin creates a boundary, like a window between the viewer and the subject, invoking a voyeuristic point of view.

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