Swanston Street Series Temporary Tattoo – Interactive Performance

At the 26th annual Meredith Music Festival Emma held the inaugural Swanston Street Series Interactive Performance. This was an unofficial performance, where festival goers  could interact with Emma’s 2D work on a different platform.

The Swanston Street Series is an ongoing project, which began in 2015 as a series of paintings created during a series of stays in Geelong’s Swanston Center (accute psychiatric facility). An exploration of emotions embedded in the tattooed skin of the institutionalized.

The paintings (and sketches) have been translated and developed into a collection of lino prints to be exhibited in 2017.

Some of the designs have been printed as “temporary tattoos” which were applied in an interactive performance piece by the artist.

For more info checkout the current projects page on this website.

Above photos by Jessika K, 2016

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