PANOPLY Print Exchange


PANOPLY is an exhibition curated by artist Rona Green, in which limited edition prints will be exchanged between 40 emerging and established Australian artists, with a diversity of ideas in a wide range of print media including linocut, woodcut, screenprinting, etching, mezzotint and lithography. This ‘print exchange’ will present one framed and three unframed prints by each artist, available for purchase on opening night and during the exhibition.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Emma Armstrong-Porter, Asphyxia, Anna Austin, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Lauren Carter, Jazmina Cininas, Paul Compton, Graeme Drendel, Philip Faulks, Amanda Firenze Pentney, Alex Game, Silvi Glattauer, Janet Goldman, Rona Green, Andrew Gunnell, Gregory Harrison, Carolyn Hawkins, Bill Hay, Julie Holmes, Anita Iacovella, Jessika K, Adrian Kellett, Julian Laffan, Marion Manifold, Pip Matthews, Olivia Mazzone, John McClumpha, Aaron McLoughlin, Glenn Morgan, Graeme Peebles, Catherine Pilgrim, John Ryrie, Gwen Scott, Josh Searson, Heather Shimmen, Glen Smith, Sophie Westerman, Deborah Williams, Joel Wolter and Keren Zorn.

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