Group Show – Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

beelejuice show

The Rat Portraits show has been bumped-out to make way for another exciting display of art at A Gallery this month, a group show inspired by the era that was the 1980’s.

Pop culture aplenty showcasing an array of Melbourne and Geelong artists exploring the decade, applying their art to canvasses, crockery and a variety of other surfaces.

The two pieces shown above are a hand studded/hand stitched/hand painted vinyl jacket, and the painting “Butts Down” (enamel and spray-paint on canvas), both by artist Emma Armstrong-Porter. They are a “gutterside” interpretation of the 80’s.

Being born in the decade and not being all that aware of fashion and culture at the time, she has found inspiration in the punk-rock music movement in Melbourne, taking ideas and imagery from first hand stories and crusty archives of the time, creating these two works.

Come see them on opening night at A Gallery, 206 High Street Preston, Saturday 10th September 2016, 6:30-10:30pm. Celebrations will include 80’s  Karaoke for those game enough to partake.

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