Current Projects

Ghost Trash

An ongoing series of analogue photographs. An ode to street photography, the images tell tragic, ironic and humorous imagined narratives of static subjects.

Working Title: You Looking at Me Looking at You

An ongoing typology of portraits of Jessica Schwientek taking photos of me taking photos of them.

Visual Biographies

An ongoing series of lino prints.
This Series has been displayed in a number of print exchanges and exhibitions in Melbourne, and Breaking out of the Psych Ward to go to the Tote (above) will be shown in the 2023 Melbourne Now Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Swanston Street Series

An ongoing series of lino-prints tackling the subject of problematic public mental health system through personal accounts delivered as coded messages within images of tattoos.
The works have been exhibited at the Dax Center, Bside Gallery, NOIRdarkroom, The Stockroom, Preston Town Hall, Coburg Town Hall and the Fed Square Atrium gallery.

View the catalogue here.